Our Technology

Discover our portfolio that is built on leading-edge AI technologies

Data mining

Discover hidden value in your data warehouse using our advanced data mining algorithms 

Big Data

Collect, organise and analyse voluminous amounts of structured and/or unstructured data

Machine Learning

Enable data-rich and knowledge-lean automation of valuable tasks of perception, classification and numeric prediction

Deep Learning

Learn and solve complicated concepts / problems using brain-inspired deep networks 


Open the AI black box 

understand the reasoning behind decision making  

opening black box.png

represent the learned knowledge close to human interpretation


provide trustworhty predictions and decisions 

Do more with your data

We pair the best algorithms with the right tools and processes to get value from your data

 Discover unknown patterns and knowledge

Extract and uncover interesting, non-trivial, implicit, previously unknown and potentially useful information or actionable and meaningful patterns from data in large databases 

Decision support & Diagnosis

Get ready for artificial intelligence and automation that helps you make business decisions or medical diagnosis rather than just understanding what happened in the past.

Defeat the dimensionality

Improve performance by alleviating the effect of the curse of dimensionality, enhancing generalization capability, speeding up learning process and improving model interpretability.

Analyze massive data

Go far beyond classical indexing and data analysis aiming to find relational and semantic interpretations of the phenomena underlying massive collection of structured and unstructured data