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reshaping the industry and making what was once impossible into a tangible reality

Disease management 

transform disease management with the use of wearables, networks, sensors and virtual reality

Early detection

usage of AI and Machine Learning towards better and early detection of diseases

Precision medicine

bringing machine learning techniques to the genomics space to deliver personalised medicine through more effective diagnostics and drug discovery

Disrupting Medical Imaging

machine vision applied to Medical imaging such as X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, tomography

Medical assistance

AI to empower physicians, scientists and patients alike with the most accurate clinical understanding in real time 


personalized recommendations using  Machine Learning, applied to complex multidimensional gait data

Explore the exceptional qualities of our innovative solutions

Advanced Predictive Capabilities

Our solutions incorporate temporal information, capturing the dynamic evolution of each patient's health state over time. By analyzing this comprehensive data, we empower accurate predictions and insights into long-term trends.

Enhanced Accuracy

Compared to classifiers that solely rely on the patient's current state, our solutions achieve improved classification accuracy. By considering the patient's complete health history and changes over time, we deliver more precise and reliable outcomes.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data

With our expertise in big data analytics, we leverage vast quantities of patient data from large populations. By monitoring and analyzing this wealth of information, we automatically detect problems and threats to patient safety, ensuring proactive and efficient healthcare management.

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