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Industry 4.0 

Transforming Manufacturing with trustworhty AI analytics

We enable a vision for the factory of the future based on automation, advanced data analytics and machine learning that will change the way processes are optimised

Transforming Manufacturing

Understanding and forecasting the changes in demand for a variety of products we enable manufacturers better determine how to allocate their resources and make the best use of their equipment


Improving Quality      & Service

Revolutionising product and service quality with early defect detection and avoidance in a cost-effective and simple way. This is the main value proposition we obsess about delivering to our customers!


Increasing  Equipment Uptime

Our predictive analytics ensure that the production equipment keeps running by comparing past machine failures to sensor data from the machines to identify patterns before breakdowns occurs



Check below some examples on we helped our collaborators and clients

Real-time data processing and analytics

via Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Azure Stream Analytics, Flink

Fault detection

anomaly detection |    fault type identification |

damage degree assessment 

Predictive maintenance

health managment | degradation assessment |

remaining life prediction

Drones       Inspection

using the latest advances in DL networks for object detection and semantic segmentation


via ML-assisted evolutionary methologies 

Demand   forecasting

relying on the most advanced recurrent deep learning algorithms

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