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We do

AI-empowered solutions to revolutionise today's most emerging industries

reshaping the industry and making what was once impossible into a tangible reality

We enable a vision for the factory of the future based on automation, advanced data analytics and machine learning that will change the way processes are optimised

Improve efficiency, safety and reduce costs with the use of emerging machine learning empowered technologies 


Industry 4.0

Oil & Gas


Check below some examples on we helped our collaborators and clients

Osteoarthitis diagnosis and prediction 

Identification of risk factors and ML-based prediction models for Osteoarthritis diagnosis and prediction

Identification of skin morphology

Fully automated identification of skin morphology in raster‐scan optoacoustic mesoscopy using artificial intelligence

Survival prediction after transplantation

Machine learning based prediction of 1-year survival after isolated heart transplant

Bone metastasis classification

Lightweight Look-Behind Fully Convolutional Neural Network for bone metastasis classification in nuclear medicine

Hardware trojan detection

A novel holistic approach for hardware trojan detection powered by deep learning

Intrusion detection in hospitals

Machine Learning empowered intrusion detection using Honeypots' data

ML-enhanced non-descrutive testing

An intelligent methodology for railways monitoring using ultrasonic guided waves

AI-empowered remote sensing

SVM-based fuzzy decision trees for classification of high spatial resolution remote sensing images

ML analytics for district heating and cooling systems

An Innovative Control Framework for District Heating Systems: Conceptualisation and Preliminary Results

Our tools

Neural Networks | Support Vector Machines | Ensemble learning | Feature Selection | Convolutional Neural Networks |  Long Short Term Memory | Graph Neural Networks | Siamese Networks | GRU | Transformers | Generative Adversarial Networks | Evolutionary techniques | Fuzzy systems | Graphical models | Autoenconders | Clustering | Semantic Segmentation | Yolo V5 

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