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XAI in Manufacturing

A roadmap to explainable artificial intelligence for manufacturing / XMANAI project

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the manufacturing domain enables higher production efficiency, outstanding performance, and safer operations, leveraging powerful tools such as deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques. We have only few insights about how AI systems work. XMANAI should transform that AI that is now too complex for the human factor to understand; and unveil what lies behind deep learning models and to make AI models step-by-step understandable.

XMANAI technology enables to examine solutions to optimise different tasks along the industrial workflow, including Assembling/Quality testing, Default detection, Maintenance prediction, Logistic and End-to-end chain supply. According to the 4 demonstrators implemented and their needs in the industry, XMANAI will provide an AI platform powered with explainability focusing on Product Demand Planning, Production Optimization, Product/Process Quality Optimization and Smart Semi-autonomous Hybrid Measurement Planning use cases.

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