Rapid Artificial Intelligence prototyping

We are building AI-empowered solutions to drive innovation in your bussiness


Data driven Solutions Provider

AiDEAS is a highly innovative technology and data solutions provider. We are building machine learning and AI-empowered technology to unlock the value hidden in huge volumes of data, reducing the time to find, diagnose, comprehend and act at a speed that is impossible for ​humans, thereby generating new faster insights.

Introducing the rapid Artificial Intelligence prototyping Service



We define with you
Define your business outcome/goals
and create use cases
Transform your outcome/goals into data problems

phase 2

We explore for you

Perform exploratory data analysis
Select appropriate ML / DL algorithms
Design appropriate AI pipelines


phase 3

We validate for you

Validate a number of AI pipelines  to solve your use cases

Perform explainability analysis

Produce reports with results / guidelines containing the results allowing you to decide how to proceed

Meet some of our partners

Technische Universität
CITY University London

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